Q: Where can I buy Dream Matches xoxo?

A: You can buy it here or on Amazon

Q: What’s the shipping and return policy?

A: Our items ship out that same day until 5 pm CST. You’ll receive an email with your tracking information within 1 to 3 business days. We accept returns.

Q: How can I get your game in my store?

A: Dream Matches is on the up incoming with expansions coming soon! For wholesale inquires please reach us at contact@dreammatchesgame.com

Q: How do you play Dream Matches xoxo?

A: Each game comes with instructions on how to get the party started. You can also find rules on how to play the game here

Q: Can I submit my idea for a card question?

A: Yes, absolutely! We will even credit you and put your name on the back of the card ;)